Rumour : Windows Phone Will Be Able To Run Android Apps

There seems to be some rumour going around the internet that Microsoft is planning to introduce a Android powered Lumia phone in the near future. Currently, Lumia is exclusive to Windows 8.1 and the Nokia X series are the first low cost Android phones that surprised the industry.

In fact, this thought of running Android on a different OS is not new. In fact, Blackberry did that on it’s BB10 OS with Amazon appstore.

According to Eldar Murtazin where the rumour originated, he claims that Microsoft will use a Virtual Machine to execute native Android apps. This should help resolve the lack of Windows Apps on the Lumia phones.

On the PC front, we already have BlueStacks running Android apps on Wintel. So, i wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft-Nokia goes into this uncharted waters and it will definitely upset a lot of Android iPhone wannabe as it can run Dual OS on the same smartphone with massive library of apps from both camps of developers.

By Harry