RedMi Note alleged to be sending photos and sms to China servers secretly?

The 小米 XiaoMi and 紅米 RedMi phones have been hot sellers in China and in South East Asia lately. Most of it are sold out in seconds on their website which operates only for 5 minutes per week. The proclaimed sales is largely due to it’s low price and better specifications than the competitors.

Lately, a Taiwanese internet media has uncovered that the RedMi Note is actually sending data back to a server hosted in China behind the scenes.

A Hong Kong discussion group IMA Mobile user Kenny Li discovered that his RedMi Note has been connecting to an IP address in China and transferring data back to the server when he is operating in Wi-Fi mode. When he is on 3G, it is just a handshake (low data transmission).

So what is being sent to the servers?  What surprises the tester is that even if you root the phone and flash it with another firmware, the background transmission continues. It seems that the process is hard coded into the phone.

According to his observation, the RedMi seems to be sending pictures from MEDIA STORAGE. On top of that, your SMS and messages also gets channeled through the Chinese servers. It looks like XiaoMi is ‘helping’ users to automatically make a backup of your data on their servers without explicit permission from the user.

* The micloud service was never turned on during the test.





Current IP Range: –

IP Range Location: China,    Beijing,    Beijing
IP Owner: Forest Eternal Communication Tech.
Owner Full IP Range: –
Owner Address: Beijing, China
Owner Country: China
Owner Phone: +86-010-51659311
Owner Website:
All Owner IP Ranges: –, –, –
All Owner IP Reverse DNS (Host)s:,,
Whois Record Updated: 29 Jun 2011

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