Remix OS for PC Review

If you have old PC components or notebooks and would like to bring new life to it, you should try out this new Android X86 OS – Remix OS by Iide.

Installation of this OS is rather straightforward, You can do it within Windows 10 or you can choose to install it via USB. In my case, I chose to install it within Windows and I ended up with a Dual Boot OS machine.

The interface looks very clean and Windows look alike. Underneath it is just a x86 Android port of Android 5.1.1 which is a pretty current build.



Since this is the first time I installed this OS, there is still a lot of exploring to do. So far, I have prepared this post within WordPress running on Remix OS without any issues except the positioning of the post button has gone below instead of on the side.

It just looks like any plain vaillna android OS running on a big screen. You also get OTA upgrades in this build. There are also options to add widgets, install applications. You can also install Google Services to access the Google Play, otherwise you can download apps from Amazon.

I find this RemixOS is easy to use. Of course, if you prefer to run everything from within Windows, you can still use the BlueStack app which allows you to run your favourite apps within the BlueStacks itself.

Have you tried it yet? Leave a comment below or in the forums.

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By Harry