Seagate 1TB (32GB NAND cache) SSHD Review

Wenchang 28 Apr 2016


Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) combines NAND flash based cache memory and mechanical disk platters, to deliver a blend of high capacity & speed at a more affordable price, compared to pure SSDs.

Seagate recently refreshed their SSHD lineup with the ST1000LX001.

This is a performance 2.5 inch 9.5mm hard drive – 1TB 5400rpm hard drive coupled with 32GB of NAND flash.

  • High performance, high-capacity storage, all in one drive
  • 32GB NAND flash technology performs up to 4x faster application load time1 compared to the traditional 7200rpm HDDs.
  • Easy installation and compatible with any computer and operating system.


How it works

Seagate SSHD utilizes Seagate Adaptive Memory technology that tracks data usage and prioritizes frequently used data for faster access in the NAND flash.  Quadrupling the built-in NAND flash to 32GB provides a larger cache size for a bigger data sets tasks like multiple games loading and multiple applications launching, thus enhances the computing experience for gamers, prosumers and media creators.



1. Seagate internal benchmark: Measured using PCMark 7 system storage starting applications test.

By Harry