Review of UE BOOM 2 360 degrees Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Harold C  24 Apr 2016


Bluetooth speakers are getting popular, be it for pairing it with your mobile devices as it doesn’t require any physical cabling.

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 (UE BOOM 2)

While most speakers can deliver the music, you can’t possibly play the music under the rain. Furthermore, the connection will also be intermittent when you are a distance away from the speaker.

UE BOOM 2 seems to have solved most of these issues with it’s UE BOOM 2 wireless 360 degree speaker. This speaker not only deliver vivid quality sound, it has that additional bass boosted best for partying.

With it’s rugged design and IPX7 rated waterproof certification, this device is not afraid of dust and water (up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1 metre).

Set it next to the swimming pool under rain or shine, it will just perform with it’s 100 feet range and 15 hours rechargeable battery.

On page 2 is the unboxing video followed by water resistance test on page 3.

Pricing USD 149

By Harry