The Pringles Speaker System

Pringles chips

You are probably familiar with these favourite party snack that comes in 4 different flavours. Do you know that the hollow container can be paired up with the empty container to amplify your party music.

Designed to embody the Pringles philosophy, “You don’t just eat ‘em, you party with ‘em”, the speakers offer a unique portable device that easily attaches to the top of any iconic cylindrical Pringles can. Its ability to interconnect seamlessly from speaker to speaker helps amplify the overall volume and atmosphere just by plugging to your phone, MP3 player or laptop. The result is a pop-and-play party, anytime, anywhere!

With these new simple hacks, you can now light up your party with amazing music with the Pringles Party Speaker.

Just plug the speaker into the container and there you have it, your own DIY speaker. In fact, with the connectors, you can hook up to 20 Party Speakers. Just hook up the speaker jack to your smartphone or audio device and you are ready to go.

3 versions pringles

So, the next time you purchase your Pringles, do not throw away the paper container, recycle it and transform it into a speaker.

Try it out and you will be surprised by the sound quality.

Get it Free

*  Available for a limited period only from March 1 2016 to May 15 2016, or until stocks last, there are only 5,000 Party Speakers available island-wide. Simply purchase 3 specially marked 150gm Pringles cans, visit, look for the Pringles Party Speaker tab, use the unique code under the Pringles Cans membrane to complete the claim form and the Pringles Party Speaker will be delivered to your doorstep free-of-charge within 60 days.