Logitech announces a speaker deck for your notebook. The N700 is large enough for laptops with 16-inch screens and connects to your laptop via a single USB cable. The USB connection grabs both power and audio from your computer, playing that audio through the N700’s 2-inch stereo speakers. The wide (20.7 inches wide by 11.3 inches deep) design of the N700 positions the left and right speakers outside the edges of your laptop for better sound quality. The N700 also includes a fan that circulates air to cool the bottom of the laptop.

At 4.2 pounds, the N700 is designed for home, rather than portable, use. The bottom of the N700 is padded for comfort and additional heat protection for your lap, and separate volume and fan controls let you adjust speaker volume and turn the fan on and off, respectively.

The $80 Speaker Lapdesk N700 will ship in February in the U.S.