Logitechs’s UE Boom 2 Bluetooth wireless speaker comes packaged in a nice cylindrical container. Upon opening, the Boom speaker is on the right and on the left is the instructions, micro USB cable and USB mains adaptor in yellow.


The Boom speaker is in the form of a cylinder with a power button and a Bluetooth connecter button. On the bottom you have a 3.5mm jack plug and the Micro-USB charging interface with flaps that makes it waterproof. The size of the Boom 2 is both smaller and thinner than the Echo as a comparison.

Connection to the speaker is straightforward. Just power on and long press the bluetooth button and wait for the searching sound. iPhone, iPad, Android devices can connect easily without a passcode.

Once connected, you are ready to rock and roll with it’s 100ft range. I paired the smartphone and the speaker on the first floor and started streaming a radio station. To my surprise, it kept playing even when I move up to the 2nd storey of the house without distortion.

There is also an app you can download for IOS and Android that allows you to control the Boom 2 from your phone or tablet. Note, if you are looking for it on the Apple store whilst using an iPad, it is actually listed as an iPhone product so you may need to switch if you have your default to iPad only apps.

The app allows you to turn the Boom 2 on or off, adjust the volume, set an alarm and more importantly gives you a 5 level equalizer to adjust the sound output to your own liking. It also allows you to double up on your Booms if you own more than one to give you true stereo output.

The Boom 2 is very loud. While connected to my iPad, i hardly turn up the sound to 50% as anything above it is LOUD and definitely disturbs the neighbours. This can be seen from the power of the speakers when it ‘ vaporises’ the water droplets when it was removed from the basin.

The sound quality is more towards the BASS but it does do well in the mid range.

In Conclusion, the UE BOOM 2 is an excellent portable speaker for travellers, party goers who wants to share the music wirelessly. It is definitely also an excellent speaker replacement of your poor TV audio speaker if you can connect the audio out through 3.5mm plug or through Bluetooth (via android set top boxes).

The product can be bought at Amazon online at the Pricing USD 149