According to a report released on February 13, 2024, by CNA, there were reported issues of limited 4G/5G connectivity within the newly constructed BTO estate. Recently, we received a tip from a reader indicating that they experienced good coverage in areas where residents have moved in. Specifically, these areas include Plantation Crescent and along Tengah Boulevard.

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To investigate further, we decided to test the connectivity ourselves by taking bus route 870. Our findings revealed that most SIMBA users experienced satisfactory coverage in the mentioned areas. It’s worth noting that signal quality might improve further for stationary users compared to those in transit.

Singtel signal is the most stable followed by SIMBA, The two other has either weak signals.

As we can see from network cell info, it detected the cell that can cover n1 5G (2100) band, b40 4G (2300MHz) and b8 4G (900MHz).

The signal strength is pretty good at -97 dBm and in some areas, it is even stronger at -87 dBm.

Due to the fact that the 5G NSA is based on a 10 MHz 5G n1 band (in contrary the 3 other telcos has a 100MHz n78 5G NR band), the speed isn’t that fantastic. The 5G NSA gives you better latency compared to 4G. From the numbers, my guess is that it is a B40+n1 NSA setup.

Since this observation pertains to just a fraction of the Tengah estate, BTO homeowners who have received keys for residences farther from Plantation Crescent might still encounter poor reception. The pace at which various telecommunications companies can address and enhance coverage in newly developed estates remains to be observed.

You can help to map out the areas of coverage by running Nperf App (Android only).

Bus Route 870 (partial loop service from Jurong East Interchange)

By Harry