If you have been following our site on the 5G developments of variouis telcos, you will not want to miss out this news.

SIMBA, formerly known as TPG Singapore seemed to have enabled the 5G NSA network again. This time round, it is not detected on the list of sites like Marina Bay Sands or Vivocity, rather it was detected in town area at Serangoon Road.

It is probably not a technical glitch as the same SIM was tested on two phones and they both detected 5G NSA signal is in the air.

This time round, it is based on n1, thus the Mi 10T Pro 5G which formerly couldn’t pick up 5G NSA on it’s n40 band trial is able to pick it up.

There seems to be a bit buggy, the speedtest shows LTE but other app shows 5G (NSA).


The other phone we used is the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, this phone detected it correctly.

In this screen shot above, you could clearly see that the data network is NR_NSA.

Unfortunately, our sim ran out of data and we are not able to provide a speedtest result.

Although SIMBA has n1 band (10 MHz) for it’s 5G network, it’s bandwidth is far lesser than what Singtel, M1/Starhub n78 band, 100 MHz for each.

So, we ought to understand that 5G is not just about speed, more importantly, is the lower latency.

We are expecting the n1+n40+n40 probably at maximum provide a speed reading of lower than 250 Mbps, just like what happened to the speeds M1’s 5G NSA and Giga’s 5G NSA attained.

So, have you detected the SIMBA 5G (NSA) in your surrounding areas, post the areas where you can find SIMBA 5G in the comment box.