Last weekend, tech enthusiasts and shoppers gathered at The PC Show to experience the latest HUAWEI P30 Pro featuring a ground breaking Leica quad camera system, better known for its zoom and low-light capabilities. In the same weekend, Huawei smartphone users were also given a complimentary phone care service on its monthly Service Day at its customer service centres located at 313@Somerset and Westgate.

From it’s old P8 series to the P30 Pro, many consumers expressed their love for the Huawei product as a brand leader with amazing camera. The support is online fb group is overwhelming.

At the PC show, shoppers gave their support and are undaunted by the current situation.

We agree that Huawei makes good smartphones but the future remains uncertain. Will users switch over to the new OS and cut themselves off from Google Store and apps like maps and youtube. Will future customers buying a phone just for it’s camera functions as other brands are catching up are on par but comes with Google preinstalled.

By Harry