Singtel and Qualcomm formalized their collaboration yesterday with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at MWC Barcelona, aimed at deepening their joint efforts in advancing 5G innovations and capabilities.

This MOU establishes the framework for Singtel and Qualcomm to leverage their respective strengths, expertise, and resources to co-create new products and services, thus accelerating the adoption of 5G for enterprises. Singtel will be at the forefront of testing and implementing Qualcomm’s latest advancements in 5G technology, spanning access to new capabilities, mobile solutions, compute, edge AI, and XR technologies.

The partnership between Singtel and Qualcomm has already yielded significant progress in bolstering the 5G ecosystem, including the successful launch of 5G services and solutions in Singapore and the wider region. Their collaborative efforts extend to the development of next-generation 5G radio technology, exemplified by the recent trial of RedCap, tailored to support mid-tier Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Singtel is actively exploring potential applications for RedCap-enabled devices, such as AR glasses, within its network infrastructure. Moreover, ongoing trials aim to expand the scope of wearable devices compatible with RedCap technology in the near future.

Building upon their longstanding relationship, the MOU enables Singtel and Qualcomm to jointly innovate across various domains, including smart cities, autonomous vehicles, cloud gaming, remote healthcare, and education. Qualcomm commits to ensuring the timely availability of chipsets to support the production of WiFi6 CPE (Askey) and Premium WiFi7 CPE (TP-link) as part of this expanded partnership.

This strategic collaboration underscores both companies’ dedication to driving innovation and technological advancement. By harnessing Singtel’s extensive regional network and Qualcomm’s expertise in wireless technologies, they aim to spearhead the development and deployment of transformative solutions that revolutionize industries and improve lives across the region.