SkyFire has been the preferred browser on the Windows Mobile devices. This is largely due to it’s support of flash video. As more websites rely on Flash, flash support is ubiquitious.

In the video below, we managed to get hold of a beta version of this software. Installation is simple, just open the APK file with ASTRO file manager. Follow through the instructions and it is done.

SkyFire supports multiple pages. We browse a few sites and noticed that the beta doesn’t seem to work very well. It took a long time to open a page. A subsequent REFRESH loads it immediately.

To zoom, you can use the + or – key or tap the screen. Multitouch pinch and zoom feature is also not available in this browser. Embedded flash videos cannot be played. Youtube videos shows a PLAY button, when pressed leads you to an external youtube player to stream the video.

Perhaps we can wait a while for the official SkyFire on Android to see the bugs are fixed in the final code.