If you have longed to try out the iPhone OS 4.0 beta 2, you better stay away from it before it breaks your apps. In fact, since upgrading to OS 4.0 beta 1, applications like RunKeeper can no longer RUN. Although it claims to add multitasking to the iPhone, it seems that it only works with default applications from Apple.

With beta 2 out, it tried to fix some of these issues. It did seem that the battery life is much better even with push mail enabled. It usually lasts last than a day, it is now able to last 1.5 days before a full recharge.

On the other hand, beta 1 introduced digital zoom in the camera. It works but images turn out to be black & white. Beta 2 didn’t solve it but the problem aggrevated. The whole camera application can hang after taking a picture.

Apple added some nice touches to beta 2 though. Whenever you switch in and out of the applications, there is a nice transition. See the video below to have a better idea on how the transition looks like :


One thought on “iPhone OS 4.0 beta 2 adds new transitions but breaks camera function”
  1. It would seem that after installing the 4.0 software released by apple, my iphone now is so slow and camera does not even work.

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