There are  lots of discussions about the possibility of having multi touch on the SE Xperia X10 Android phone. We asked the PR people and here is what they have to say: 

At the time of the announcement of Xperia X10 (3 Nov 2009) we confirmed on our product blog that Xperia X10 would not support the android core feature of multi touch at the time of launch. As the project has evolved we have subsequently announced that that Xperia X10 will be upgraded during its lifecycle with improvements in the User Experience Platform, incorporating software feature improvements and a later release of the android OS.  However, owing to the particular hardware and software configuration of the X10, multi-touch capabilities will not be enabled in the core platform irrespective of the software upgrade.  Whilst there has been intense discussion amongst online consumers about many of the detailed features supported by the X10, Sony Ericsson has at no point made any official statement indicating support of multi touch as a core feature of the Xperia X10.

Whilst Sony Ericsson does not generally comment on speculation about future product or feature announcements, our communication principle is to have an open and honest dialogue with consumers and we make the above clarification in order to avoid any mis-conceptions among purchasers of the Xperia X10.   We have had extremely positive consumer feedback following our first shipments of the Xperia X10 and we are very confident that this product delivers a user experience that is truly unique and will delight consumers the world over.