Sony is expanding its range of touch-enabled notebooks with the new VAIO Fit and VAIO Fit E models, created for those who expect more from what their current notebooks can offer. Available in 15” screen size and a multitude of colours, both models are powered by Sony’s visual and audio technology, ensuring that users are maximising the notebooks’ potential when in use.



Designed for those who enjoy content both in the comfort of their homes and in the boardroom, the premium VAIO Fit sports a vivid LCD screen that is backed by VAIO’s unique colour enhance technology allowing for pristinely clear video and image quality. What it does is that it maximises the display’s potential by optimising the colour gamut, resulting in a more vivid and clearer viewing experience.

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Furthermore, three different display colour modes mean that users can now enjoy viewing content based on their own preferences, even when reading text. With colour enhance technology), it feels as though one is reading off real paper itself by adjusting the screen’s brightness and “warmth”. And enthusiasts who want an even more realistic reproduction of images, the 15” model has a Full HD screen, making visuals even sharper and more defined.


An additional unique feature of the VAIO Fit notebook is its hybrid HDD, giving it three times faster accessibility and speed than a standard HDD, making it the perfect option for those who demand performance from their notebook, but is also price-conscious. With 750GB in storage capacity and an integrated flash-memory cache, the notebook offer the precise mix of volume and high speed required by those seeking extra performance.

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VAIO Fit E – For the Audio Enthusiast 

Those wanting crystal clear highs and deep trembling basses will appreciate the audio technology that comes with the VAIO Fit E. Especially engineered to provide home users with quality entertainment; the VAIO FIT E is an affordable notebook that does not compromise on offering soul-shaking clarity and deep bass, resulting in an unmistakeably rich audio experience.


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The ClearAudio+ mode incorporates a variety of Sony’s own signal processing technologies to provide unsurpassable audio quality, with different sound and equaliser settings that can be activated with the touch of a button.


The sharing of music has also never been easier with One-Touch Listening. Utilising near-field-communication technology, users can easily pair and connect their Bluetooth speakers and home audio devices such as the SRS-BTV5 and SRS-BTX300 respectively to wirelessly envelop the entire room in sound. And for those who like to bounce to the beat but hate being caught up in wires, a simple tap of their Bluetooth headphones is all it takes to dance without wires.

The new VAIO Fit retails for S$1,999 and the VAIO Fit E retails for S$1,499. Both VAIO notebooks are currently available at all Sony stores and authorised outlets in Singapore.





By Harry