Sony launches XperiaTM XZ and XperiaTM X Compact with triple image sensing technology

Singapore, 28 September 2016 – Sony Mobile announced two incredible
additions to its new X series smartphones at IFA 2016 earlier this month.
Continuing the vision set out at Mobile World Congress in February, the first
flagship Xperia XZ and premium Xperia X Compact offer an even more
intelligent, personalised experience.

Sony Xperia XZ

“Our flagship Xperia XZ and premium pocket-size Xperia X Compact are built
to cater to the consumer who wants more from their smartphone. Functional
design, intelligent user features and the best of Sony’s camera technologies
come together to provide an unparalleled experience; allowing consumers to
capture their best moments in life in a crystal clear fashion,” said Vincent Yip,
Director, Market Head, Sony Mobile Communications, Singapore.

Availability and specifications

Xperia XZ will launch in Singapore island-wide at Sony Stores, Sony Centres,
local telcos and authorised retailers on 15 October 2016, retailing at
recommended retail price of $998. Xperia XZ will be available in 64GB, Hybrid
Dual SIM variant in three colours in Forest Blue, stylish classics Mineral Black
and Platinum.

Xperia X Compact will launch exclusively in Sony Stores and Sony Centres on
15 October 2016, retailing at recommended retail price of $648. Xperia X
Compact will be available in Mist Blue, along with timeless Universe Black and
stylish White in 32GB Single SIM variant.

Sony Xperia X Compact

Pre-orders for Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact starts from 30 September 2016
to 7 October 2016 through Sony Stores and Sony Centres.

Capture the action laser-fast with true colour
Sony’s first flagship of the X series, Xperia XZ, and premium Xperia X Compact
bring new and improved camera technology to give you the best pictures from
Xperia yet. Oozing camera excellence using Sony’s heritage in camera
technology and in collaboration with our digital imaging engineers, the new
models feature one of the most advanced cameras in a smartphone.

Maximising Sony’s acclaimed image sensor, two additional assisting sensors
have been added to become Sony’s triple image sensing technology. This
allows you to capture beautiful images in motion with true to life colours in
virtually any conditions. The technology is comprised of Sony’s original Exmor
RSTM for mobile image sensor which provides a powerful blend of high quality
image and autofocus (AF) speed combined with Predictive Hybrid AF to
intelligently predict and track subjects in motion for blur-free results. Added to
this is the Laser AF sensor with distance sensing technology, which captures
beautiful blur-free photos in challenging low light conditions. And what’s more,
you will enjoy superb true to life colours thanks to the RGBC-IR1 sensor with
colour sensing technology which accurately adjusts the white balance based
on the light source in the environment.

1 RGBC-IR stands for Red, green, blue, clear and infrared
The 23MP main camera not only gives you clear shots, but also super-fast
start-up going from standby to capture in 0.6seconds 2 at the touch of a
dedicated shutter release button, ensuring you are ready to take the perfect
shot whenever it might strike.

Advanced features have been added for those who want more flexibility with
manual settings to further enhance the shooting experience and creative
possibilities, such as shutter speed and focus controls.
Xperia XZ provides a 13MP front camera for the selfie perfectionist, with its
super high sensitivity as high as ISO6400 and 22mm/90-degree wide angle
lens it will make the best of your pose even in low-light and group selfies.
Xperia XZ also offers the highest quality recording in 4k so you get sharp, crisp
footage that is full of detail.

World’s First 5-axis video stabilisation for steady shots
The new models feature one of the most advanced cameras in a smartphone,
and are the world’s first smartphones with 5-axis video stabilisation3
. Videos
are ever more popular for capturing and sharing unique moments on social
media, both models bring significant advancements in the evolution of image
stabilisation, cultivated in Sony’s Handycam® camcorders, with Sony’s
SteadyShotTM with Intelligent Active Mode to enable superb video. Now with
5-axis stabilisation you can shoot smoother videos4 even when walking or
capturing extreme close-ups5
Premium design to fit in your life
With its stunning loop surface design, the 5.2” glass display and metal back
of the Xperia XZ become one, to provide a perfect fit and beautiful feel in the
hand. The loop surface is inspired by a monolithic form, whilst ALKALEIDOTM
metal with high brightness and high purity provides shine and a feeling of
depth which both enhance its premium design. Xperia XZ is available in a

2 Based in internal protocol defined by Sony Mobile Communications
3 Sony Xperia XZ & X Compact feature 5-axis digital image stabilisation for video. Verified by Strategy Analytics’
SpecTRAX Service against the published camera specifications
4 5-axis stabilisation feature is only available in Full HD video resolution
5 5-axis stabilisation is activated only when the camera recognises macro video. Other situations will be recorded as 3-
axis(pitch/yaw/roll) only
brand new blue colour inspired by the beauty of nature – Forest Blue – along
with stylish classics Mineral Black and Platinum.
Adding a popular Sony form factor to the X series, the Xperia X Compact packs
mighty technology into its small frame. Its 4.6” screen and loop surface design
make it extra comfortable to hold and is ideal for an operation with just one
hand. Xperia X Compact’s premium design can be clearly seen via its high-gloss
finish and solid feel. It also follows our new signature blue colour expression
with a Mist Blue colour hue together with timeless Universe Black and stylish

Sony’s expertise in functional design is carried through to the Xperia XZ with a
water resistant6 design to take the worry out of a little splash of water, so you
can relax about sudden spills or unexpected showers. Knowing who you are by
just holding the phone, the fingerprint sensor power button on Xperia XZ and
Xperia X Compact is intuitively placed on the side of the phone, so you’re able
to pick up and securely unlock in a single movement and adds to the
comfortable fit in the hand.

Learning your habits to improve your experience
Sony incorporated intelligent features into these smartphones so that they
can assist you to make your daily life more convenient, more efficient, and
more enjoyable. Both models feature new Battery Care complemented by
Qnovo adaptive charging which work in harmony to keep your battery
healthy and make the lifespan last up to twice as long7
. Qnovo adaptive
charging monitors and adjusts the charging current to avoid damage for
battery longevity whilst Battery Care controls the charging based on learned
habits and avoids excess charging by pausing charge at 90% and only
completes the charging just before it’s needed. Xperia Tips also recognises
user habits to provide personalised tips and recommendations, helping you

6 Xperia XZ is water resistant and protected against dust, so don’t worry if you get caught in the rain or want to wash off
dirt under a tap water, but remember all ports and attached covers should be firmly closed. You should not put the device
completely underwater; or expose it to seawater, salt water, chlorinated water or liquids such as drinks. Abuse and
improper use of device will invalidate warranty. The device has been tested under Ingress Protection rating IP65/68. Note
the XperiaTM PP30 has a capless USB port to connect and charge. The USB port needs to be completely dry before

7 Qnovo adaptive charging is featured on all X series models. 2x battery lifespan refers to Xperia X and Xperia X
Performance with Qnovo enabled when compared to Xperia Z2. During laboratory battery capacity retention cycle testing
conducted by Sony Mobile Communications and Qnovo Incorporated, the battery cell used in Xperia Z2 achieved a
lifespan up to 2 times longer with Qnovo. The result may vary depending on conditions and environment.
optimise your own personal user experience while Smart Cleaner
automatically maximises performance by cleaning the cache from certain
apps based on learning their usage so optimal performance is achieved at all

Performance matters
Xperia XZ is driven by its Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 820 processor to provide
a seamless experience on your phone. As one of the most cutting-edge mobile
processors ever created, the Snapdragon 820 processor supports the ultimate
in connectivity, graphics, photography, power and battery efficiency.
Optional Accessories
Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact each have a range of matching optional Style
Covers in corresponding colours including Style Cover Touch (SCTF10/20)
which lets you access your favourite smartphone widgets through a smart
window without needing to open the case. For easy video viewing, Style Cover
Stand (SCSF10/20) has an auto on/off function with adjustable viewing angle.
Each model will be supplied with the new USB Type-CTM charger for easy

Pre-orders for Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact starts from 30 Sept – 7 Oct through Sony Stores and Sony Centres.

Xperia XZ
·         Availability: 15 October 2016 island-wide at Sony Stores, Sony Centres, local telcos and authorised retailers
·         Recommended retail price: S$998
·         Colours: Forest Blue, Mineral Black and Platinum

Xperia X Compact
·         Availability: 15 October 2016 exclusively in Sony Stores and Sony Centres
·         Recommended retail price: S$648
·         Colours: Mist Blue, Universe Black and White


By Harry