A member of a local telco enthusiast group posted this screen shot below.

It is said to be tested at Kim Yan Road using Samsung S22 Ultra. It looks strange as we all knew that Starhub runs on band n78.

4G LTE Band 48 is defined as for use as follows:

Frequency Range:3550 – 3700MHz
Width of Band:150MHz
Channel PlanTDD (Time Division Duplex)

A further check shows that, n78 and n48 have overlapping frequency range.

n48 TDD 3500 CBRS (US) n78, n77 3550 – 3700

n78 TDDD 3300 – 3800

Thus, we can confirm, Starhub is using the 3.55GHz to 3.7 GHz range in this instance.


By Harry