A few months ago, we broke the news that Elon Musk Starlink Satellite service is available in Malaysia. Today, we come across the updated map and see that it covers the whole of Singapore.

The service is ready for pre-ordering pending regulatory approval. The service fee is SGD110/month and the hardware costs SGD665.

To initiate the order, you would need to deposit a SGD 110.00 and a Shipping and Handling fee of SGD 29.00. The deposit is refundable and can be requested at any time via your Starlink account before Starlink ships your kit.

Singapore telco operators are offering affordable fiber broadband starting from just S$20 per month and 4G/5G plans as low as $5 per month,

Furthermore, with most of the population living in high rise flats, it might not be feasible to mount the device to have good line of sight. It would be suitable for thoes who have a balcony.

Regarding the speed, it has been previously discussed and verified. The maximum speed reaches approximately 100 Mbps.

Considering all these factors, I find it hard to believe that many would be inclined to opt for a more expensive service. The total cost of ownership just doesn’t justify when you have cheaper alternatives.

So, would you subscribe to Starlink service in Singapore?

By Harry