SpaceX’s Starlink internet will increase tester base from 1 million to 5 million

5G maybe the next big thing being deployed by many countries, it still couldn’t cover areas like the seas or deserts. Starlink, a satellite internet service is now seeing great demand of satellite broadband via low orbit satellites.

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The number of interested individuals have surpassed 700 thousand. This resulted SpaceX to file for a request to extend the number of authorised terminals for users to 5 million.

Starlink is the company’s ambitious plan to build an interconnected network of about 12,000 small satellites, to beam high-speed internet anywhere in the world. To date, SpaceX has launched more than 500 Starlink satellites. In addition to getting the satellites in orbit, SpaceX will need to build a vast system of ground stations and affordable user terminals if it is going to connect consumers directly to its network.

A private beta test will happen this summer and will begin offering commercial service in the northern United States and southern Canada before the end of this year. It intends to have near gloabal coverage in 2021.

The network will have low latency below 20 milliseconds which allows for good response time especially for games.