Funan Centre, established in 1985 in Singapore’s Civic District, gained fame for its array of tech-centric stores and diverse retail offerings. Over time, it became a beloved destination not just for shopping but also for dining and leisure activities. The centre featured a rooftop garden, offering a serene escape with panoramic city views.

In 2016, Funan Centre closed for redevelopment, aiming to transform into a cutting-edge integrated development. The revitalized Funan reopened in 2019 with a futuristic design incorporating retail spaces, dining options, coworking offices, and residential units. It became a showcase for sustainability and innovation, integrating green spaces and advanced technologies to cater to Singapore’s digitally-connected urban population.

Today, Funan continues to thrive as a dynamic hub, blending retail experiences with lifestyle amenities, reflecting Singapore’s commitment to urban development and enhancing the city’s cultural and economic landscape.

We went around the new shopping mall and filmed this video in Dolby Vision 4K using Xiaomi 14. We will take you through the different levels, entering through the underpass from Capitol building linked to the City Hall MRT.

Funan Centre has totally lost it’s uniqueness as the IT Mall of Singapore, it has transformed into just another shopping mall. Gone are the shops that sells network switches, the computer book store that IT people will sure to pay a visit (6th floor).