TPG will offer a $10 for 100 GB SIM only plan on it’s 1st anniversary (promo)

TPG mobile plans to celebrate it’s 1st year anniversary with a 50 GB extra on it’s existing 50 GB SIM ONLY. For the months of April to Jul, you will get a total of 100 GB of data for S$10/mth. Existing customers will also see the extra 50 GB in it’s upcoming billing cycle.

$10 for 50 GB Prepaid plan users will also get the 50 GB boost until Jul 2021.

$18 for 80 GB users will get a 50GB boost to 130 GB per month until Jul 2021.


50GB SIM ONLY PLAN (EXTRA 50GB: 10 APR -11 JUL 2021)

May be an image of text that says "8:26 AM TRG Dashboard 50GB SIM Only Plan Local data remaining 22.92 GB of 100.00 GB Roaming data remaining 1.00 GB of 1.00 GB Resets in 8 days (18/04/2021) Local Outgoing Calls remaining 263 min of 300 min sms Local SMS remaining 30 SMS of 30 SMS Resets in days (18/04/2021) Home Support Billing Profile"
The 100 GB should start clocking from the 18 April 2021 which is the next billing cycle.