We like the HTC One X for it’s features. The camera is truly amazing as spec. It is a pity that we did not have a chance to try it outdoors and compare with it the Sony Xperia S. The camera activation time is super fast and it would be good to take super fast shots.

The 4.7″ display looks spectacular at all angles. For those who wants privacy, you might want to consider a privacy LCD screen protector.

I like the lightweight and tough design as it was showcased rotating in a washing machine and water dripping on it. This of course is at the expense of a compact integrated battery and a microSim slot just like the iPhone 4.This is really troublesome as you would totally be out of reach as you can’t use a microSim on your backup phone (unless you buy an adaptor). You would also need the pin to remove the SIM card from the phone.

I particularly like the idea of HTC Media Link HD. The setting up is easy. You can get it up within a minute (see video on page 2). Most solutions out there require DLNA capable LCD TV but the HTC wireless solution does not require that. This is truly amazing.

The HTC One X is truly exceptional in it’s class. We look forward to testing out the retail unit.


The HTC One X handset is available in Polar White and Glamour Grey, while the HTC One V
comes in the colour of Jupiter Rock. Both models can be purchased at all mobile operators and
authorised retailers starting 2 April 2012.


Recommended retail price: HTC One X (S$898) and HTC One V (S$398).


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