At last, Sony joins the 5″ family with the Sony Xperia Z. We tried out the prototype at the event and find the phone to be quite responsive.

Compared to other 5 inchers out there, the Sony Xperia Z is probably the first to be IP55/57 certified for water and dust resistant. It also incorporate the a 13 megapixel camera lens technology from Sony cameras which should take excellent pictures. I like the idea of MiraCast but that would mean you need to purchase a new TV set. It is believed that there might be third party making MiraCast adapters that can plug direct into HDMI or USB ports for mirroring.

So, if you are on the look out for a 5″ smartphone, the futuristic Xperia Z should be on your shopping list. It is scheduled to go on sale somewhere in Q1, 2013. We hope to see it before the end of the quarter.