VISION Pro Technology from AMD Gives Businesses the Competitive Advantage of Powerful and Responsive Visual Computing
– AMD commercial PC platforms enable advanced productivity, savings on travel costs through video conferencing support, and persuasive presentations –

Singapore — Jan. 5, 2010— AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced VISION Pro Technology, a new commercial PC platform brand that delivers a superior visual computing experience, and can help businesses increase productivity and gain competitive advantage by enabling visually stunning communications, marketing and sales materials.

Graphics matter more than ever in business communication and innovative companies are leveraging balanced PC platform technology to generate and view rich visual presentations, including videos and 3D graphics to communicate winning ideas. Studies show that more than 80 percent of human comprehension is gained visually and that the use of visual aids with oral presentations improves content retention as much as 6.5 times greater than using words alone.1 Furthermore, the increased viewing area provided by multiple monitors helps improve worker productivity by as much as 40 percent.2 Commercial PCs based on VISION Pro Technology from AMD offer out-of-the-box support for multiple monitors, seamless viewing of videos, use of video conferencing software, and the performance necessary to create and view rich presentations with embedded video and 3D graphics.

“At virtually every price point, commercial PCs based on VISION Pro Technology from AMD offer incredible value and the balanced platform performance needed to leverage today’s visually oriented business applications,” said Nigel Dessau, Chief Marketing Officer of AMD. “With support for the latest in open standards-based security features, as well as the performance headroom needed for standard productivity applications, VISION Pro Technology has been designed to provide businesses with PC systems that generate, propagate and display world-class business materials.”

Industry Support for VISION Pro

VISION Pro Technology is an extension of the September 2009 launch that introduced VISION Technology from AMD. By focusing on real-world usage, not just technical specifications, VISION Technology can help consumers, retailers and PC manufacturers better understand and communicate the benefits and value of well-balanced AMD platform technology. The dramatically positive response from industry partners has brought VISION Pro Technology to the commercial space, enabling innovative, affordable platform technology for business users.

“VISION Pro Technology from AMD is an ideal foundation for the business-class entry ultraportable ThinkPad X100e and our full-featured ThinkPad Edge laptops designed especially for small to medium businesses,” said Sam Dusi, vice president, ThinkPad Product Marketing, Lenovo. “These laptops offer features like great visual computing performance, manageability and security that give businesses an edge, and they come at prices customers will find attractive in this tough economic environment.”

“Business customers have told us that they want to use their PCs for business applications, as well as the full set of consumer scenarios in Windows 7,” said Mike Nash, corporate vice president of Windows Platform Strategy at Microsoft Corp. “To respond to these needs, Windows 7 Professional and Vision Pro technology from AMD deliver the manageability required by businesses without compromising the performance and functionality end users demand.”

Security and Virtualization

Security features supported by VISION Pro Technology include the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), AMD’s Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP), and key Windows® 7 Professional features.3 AMD client virtualization technology [AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) technology] provides the full, chip-level optimization needed to support legacy applications under Windows XP Mode.3