Videos Comparison between V25 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro


We tested the video recording on the rear and front camera.

The front camera is only capable of recording in 1080p/30fps. Compared to the Pixel 7 Pro, both exhibits the same issues. The camera is unable to handle sudden change in lighting. The videos ended up with sudden burst of light. In comparison, the colour composition on the V25 Pro looks more natural but details are lost.

As for the rear camera, image stabilisation is not supported at 4k/60fps on the V25 Pro. It is on by default on the Pixel 7 Pro.

Video shot in 4K/60 without stabilisation is a bit shaky but generally the details are maintained. With 4K/30 Stabilisation turn on, the video is very steady but we do see a bit of jitters.

In 1080p/60 fps with Stabilisation and 1080p/30 fps with Ultra Stabilisation turned on, both gave the best results. There are still jittering in the recording but the videos are not overexposed.

By Harry