Vodoke Playstaq gets a new interface with Live TV to view DVB-T2 channels

Vodoke playstaq

If you own the Vodoke Playstaq, there is some good news. According to our test of the latest update, it now supports DVB-T2 live channels and there is an option for you to access Google Play too.

With the new options, it opens up the functionalities of this Android powered device , making it simpler to use and access to third party apps which were previously not available.

If you intend to use it to watch DVB-T2 broadcasts, you can purchase the DVB-T2 dongle Vodoke FIN2 from playstaq website direct. Simply insert the USB stick to the USB port of the Playstaq or Playstaq 2 and plug in an external antenna, you are ready to receive terrestrial digital HD broadcasts.

Here is an image of the new simplified interface.

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