M1 MiBox IPTV set top box review
bt 29 Jul 2013

If you have been reading our site, you would have known about the new TV service by M1 Ltd.  We took some time off our schedule and check out the new IPTV service with the Android powered set top box M1-Vodoke. M1’s IPTV service is more of a TV service but it also provide lots of online content and you can access the web on a large tv screen just like what you normally do on a PC.


Basically the set top box is an Android 4.04 powered device. It is slim and has power connector, 3 USB ports, one microSD card slot, HDMI output  and a dongle for the remote controller. The remote controller also act as a pointer and text entry can be achieve by the on screen keyboard.

This is how the package looks like :

Technical specifications

The M1 set top box is powered by a company called vodoke. The device name is PLAYSTAQ.

It is powered by a ARM Cortex A9 processor and run with a customised interfaced powered by Android 4.0.4. In the next pages, we will take a look at the screen shots of the interface and some preinstalled applications.


By Harry