Although we like the idea of being able to surf, watch programmes on a tv screen, the experience is quite similar to what I normally do on my notebook less the contents provided by M1. M1’s solution opens up more options for the user as it includes e books, recipes, education contents (some are subscription based). This is something that is inherited from the older platform.

As an IPTV, the TV contents should be the basis of the platform and not other readily available contents over the web. In fact, most would been thinking of EPL, ESPN, CNN, BBC TV channels and not web portals of it. The 46 channels of Chinese programming (subscription based) by KyLin is a good start but it is too China centric which might not appeal to the local audience. Perhaps M1 should have cross carry channels from the other two operators to beef up the channels. Of course another option is to use VPN for access to US UK or China web based portals. M1 should also consider carrying more linear channels including the HD version of Mediacorp channel 5.

The set top box should also open up options for users to self install their favourite app from Google Play. This will definitely enhance the user experience.

The MiBox is pretty responsive except the web browser. Flash videos takes longer to load and playback at Youtube videos are smoother within the app but turn tortoise when watched within the web browser. It could be a bug somewhere which needs to be fixed.

Overall, it is something new in the market and it will take time to evolve and improve.

Do share with us your user experience or questions of the M1 MiBox in the our forums.

By Harry