The WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo is a must have for those who meddle with audio and visual editing. It’s speed of transfer and daisy chaining capability allows more external devices to access the Mac at blazing speeds.

As it uses HDD, there is a speed limit due to physical limitation of the HDD. It would be good to have a miniature version of the Thunderbolt Duo that supports Dual SSD. I am sure that the firmware can be opened up to support a more variety of other brands of HDDs or even SSDs.

Price at near 900 SGD, the price might not justify for the lower speed WD Green drives. Nevertheless, when there is competition, prices will definitely come down and perhaps one day, we will see it support SSDs too. If you intend to use it for backup, the WD SmartWare automatic continuous backup software can that for you too.

It is a high performance product at a premium. We hope WD will release a PC compatible HDD utility soon so that PC users can benefit from the speed of Thunderbolt too.


One thought on “Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo 6TB Review”
  1. Big deal, Apple has already said that desktops are dead, so that means this is dead.

    Any true computer user, uses a Desktop PC, and stays away from the proprietary junk made by Apple.

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