This is breaking news. Whizcomms which runs it’s fibre broadband using Singtel infrastructure is offering a 2.5 Gbps fibre broaband plan at S$21.60/mth (GST included).

It is offered in two flavours. The first doesn’t come with any wireless router and that costs $21.60/mth. If you need a wireless router, it is $27/mth a top up of $5.40 per mth.

A Optical Network Router (ONR) will be provided and on loan to all new subscribers. The ONR must be returned to WhizComms upon service termination.

The ONR can support up to 4 x 1Gbps Ethernet ports concurrently. This optical network terminal also includes wired router functionality to enable wired internet connectivity up to 1Gbps.

Although it is a 2.5 Gbps plan, it is written in the FAQ that the plan’s limitation as follows :

FibrePlus allows a maximum aggregate speed of 2.5Gbps. While each individual connection is up to 1Gbps, the maximum capacity of your home broadband network will be unlocked to 2.5Gbps. This removes congestion for your home broadband network and allows more users and devices to enjoy uncompromised speeds of up to 1Gbps.

It is also written in their T&C that Fibre 2.5Gbps Broadband will have a typical wired download speed between 715.37Mbps – 954.27Mbps which is the same as their 1 Gbps plan.

Legacy Fibre 1Gbps Broadband will have a typical wired download speed between 715.37Mbps – 954.27Mbps and legacy 300Mbps Broadband will have a typical wired download speed between 200Mbps – 280Mbps. 500Mbps speed boost plans will have a typical wired download speed between 400Mbps – 480Mbps.

Thus, we can deduce is that the 2.5 Gbps is distributed throough the ONR of 4 x 1 GbE ports. So, effectively, you will max up to 1 Gbps per port. Unless the ONR is replaced with a true 2.5 Gbps output port, you will never be able get beyond 1 Gbps per device.

Both plan comes with a 12 mths contract. One time installation fee is S$25 and Netlink trust port activation fee of $57.24 applies.

Basically total cost of ownership for 12 mths for the No Frills plan is $21.60 x 12 + $25 + $57.24 = $341.44

As for the Wireless Router Plan it will be $27 x 12 + $25 + $57.24 = $406.24

Whizcomm also provides VAS for Fixed digital voice at $3/mth.

Effectively, it is $28.45/mth for no frills plan and $33.85 per mth for Wireless Router Plan if we were to factor in the installation and cost of activation netlink trust port.

You can also upgrade the router with a 24 mths contract.

So, which telco will you go for ? SIMBA or Whizcomm? Both are priced at S$20 and after GST is $21.60 (and $21.80 next year). SIMBA is upfront payment while the Whizcomm is paid monthly.

By Harry