In the competitive SIM ONLY market, telco have to come out with enticing plans to attract customers to port over. M1 Maxx is one of them. In their latest Flash Deal (which is extended till 24 Jan), they are providing a SIM ONLY 4G plan that comes with lots of data.

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While players like SIMBA and ZYM are offering $10 for 100 GB, Maxx offered a bigger for S$14 with 200 GB.

$14 a month and you will get 200 GB of local data, 500 local outgoing calls, unlimited incoming calls, 50 SMS, 2 GB of roaming data (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh), free SIM delivery.

On top of that, Maxx is throwing in 3 months of Eazie TV which you can watch news, entertainment, documentaries of over 75 channels and on demand titles anytime of the day. For those who loves Korean game shows, you will also get 60 days VIU Premium.

The offer is limited to new subscribers or port in from non M1 subscribers.

Sign up is through the Maxx app downloaded from the play store or apple store. Select a number first (it will be your temporary number as you can port in your number using the Maxx app).

Once the SIM card arrives, it must be activated through the Maxx app by scanning the bar code at the back of the SIM card. The instructions are all inside the Maxx app.

Compared to SIMBA, this plan has 2 GB of data roaming in 4 countries as compared to 60 countries for $10 SIMBA plan. If you intend to roam in other countries, you will have purchase add on packs in the price range of S$6, $9 to $16 per 1 GB. There is a $18 version of the Maxx plan which provides 4 GB shared roaming data among Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Similarly, the Singtel MVNOs also have $10 plans with 100 GB local data and throw in 3 months of 5G access. Some of them also provide 2 GB of roaming data to Malaysia and 1 GB shared between Indonesia and Thailand.

Maxx plan does not include voice roaming, so answering voice calls are chargable at roaming rate.

Our test

The Maxx plan seems to perform slightly lower in speedtest against Circles.Life tested on the same phone (Redmi Note 11 Pro 5+). (Both SIM s are connected to the same base station and running B3+B7, 20+20 MHz). Both has a 20ms ping time which is pretty fast in loading web pages and sites.

So far, we haven’t come across the infamous “air plane mode” that online communities have been complaining about. (M1 Maxx – Left, Circles.Life – Right)

Here are some speedtest results :


In Conclusion, Maxx seems to be aiming for the mass entry level market by providing 200 GB data at a low entry price. Although the deal is sweet with VIU and Eazie TV thrown in for free, it is still unable to provide a timeline when they can provide 5G SA for it’s Maxx plans.

Secondly, the roaming charges for additional countries are somewhat steep starting from $6 per GB. If you are someone who travel around the region, other plans might be more suitable.

The sign up process is quite intutive and does not require additional help from it’s hotline. Porting in was also seamless if you have provided the correct Name and port in number to the same subscriber. Changing of ownership is not supported (which does).

That basically rounds up our thoughts of the Maxx plan.

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