ZYM, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) leveraging Singtel’s robust infrastructure, introduced a limited-time promotion encompassing a 100 GB data plan priced at S$10, valid for a duration of three days. Intrigued by the offer, we opted to transfer our existing line to ZYM in order to gauge the network’s velocity and performance. As an added advantage, upon porting, we were granted complimentary access to 5G Non-Standalone Architecture (NSA) for a generous span of three months. There is also a 24 mths VIU OTT free subscription. Surprisingly, there is no 12 month’s contract although they do offer a 12 month’s contract with the same data bundle and viu access.

Here is our speedtest result on youtube. Remember to subscribe to our youtube channel, instagram and tiktok channels.

On average, the speed of 5G networks reaches around 500 Mbps, based on a test conducted near Clementi MRT station. However, it is important to note that the speed can vary depending on your location and the level of activity on the base station. In a seperate test, we are able to achieve 820 Mbps.

VoLTE feature is apparently missing. Voice calls will be connected in 3G.

This special promo plan “ROAM PLUS 4G” is attractive because it has 2 GB of data roaming in Malaysia and 1 GB for both Thailand + Indonesia. Of course, for the same price, SIMBA’s offer is better with 1 GB data roaming in 57 destinations (Group A) and offers free roaming calls.

In terms of roaming, SIMBA’s Malaysia roaming partner are Celcom and Digi, ZYM’s are Maxis, Digi and Celcom.

As for Thailand, SIMBA’s roaming partner is DTAC, ZYM’s are AIS, True Move & DTAC

In Indonesia, SIMBA’s roaming partner is Smartfren wheras ZYM’s are Telkomsel & XL

CountrySIMBA’s Roaming PartnersZYM’s Roaming Partners
MalaysiaCelcom, DigiMaxis, Digi, Celcom
ThailandDTACAIS, True Move, DTAC
IndonesiaSmartfrenTelkomsel, XL

While SIMBA offer 5G data roaming in Malaysia, ZYM may only offer 4G roaming in the 3 countries.


Your choice of network connectivity and roaming options depends on your personal preference. The price of $10 for a 100 GB data plan is an attractive point that other telcos may consider emulating.

Even with expensive data voice plans, there is no guarantee of 100% coverage, so it’s important to understand that there is no perfect telco in the world.

Every telco is bound to have some issues, and the level of support they can provide may vary.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Which telco will you choose to sign up with?

*The sign up link is still working but they have remove the ad on it’s own Facebook page.

By Harry