10Gbps Enhanced Plan (WiFi 7)

  • 1x TP-Link HB810 BE22000 WiFi 7 Router (worth $799)
  • FREE installation
  • 24/7 call and chat support for all
  • Home Line
  • Mobile Broadband (500MB)
  • Enhanced security, apps for work & play and more!

at S$84.72 /mth for 24 months

Would you sign up for it ?

Detail Information

The 10Gbps Enhanced Plan (WiFi 7) comes with a TP-Link HB810 WiFi 7 Router, an XGS-PON Optical Network Router (ONR), enhanced security and other apps for work & play – all in one plan. For a limited time only, you can enjoy the plan at a special launch promo of $84.72/mth (U.P. $137.72/mth) for 24 months.

The TP-Link HB810 WiFi 7 Router is EasyMesh ready. This means you can add more TP-Link HB810 Routers wired/wirelessly, to create a WiFi 7 mesh network that extends your WiFi 7 coverage throughout your home. However, do note that mesh nodes from other brands would not be able to pair with the TP-Link HB810. Using 2 mesh networks concurrently is also not possible.

Typical local and international download speeds

The following is based on more than 600 measured readings for each Fibre Broadband plan across peak and off-peak hours. It is validated from January to March 2022.

Peak hours are generally from 7pm – 1am, while off-peak hours are generally from 1am – 7pm.

Fibre Broadband PlanTypical Local Download Speed for Wired Connection*Typical International Download Speed for Wired Connection*
1Gbps956.29Mbps – 966.36Mbps854.26Mbps – 870.93Mbps
2Gbps Fibre Plan*1754.98Mbps – 1838.06Mbps1696.92Mbps– 1785.04Mbps
10Gbps Fibre Plan8223.23Mbps – 8224.18Mbps2014.98Mbps– 2122.85Mbps