Hong Kong high speed Fibre broadband 500Mbps is only HKD 132 pm (USD 16.90 or SGD 20.70)

Competition is good for consumers. This is definitely the case for Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, there are currently about 3 or 4 Broadband players. Most of them are triple play or quad play bundling TV, Voice with broadband and sell with 2 to 3 years contract.

To most people, having a high speed internet and broadband/cable tv would definitely cut down costs. As long time favourite TV programmes like EPL or ESPN are tied to certain operators, a subscriber has difficulty choosing which operator to go to.

Well, this time round PCCW, an operator is throwing a good bundle at a ridiculous low price.

The new service comes with Free WIFI access at hot spots, WIFI at home and NowTV channels when you sign up for the 500Mbps Fibre Broadband plan with them.

Guess what, the 500Mbps Fibre broadband plan only costs HKD 132 pm for 30 mthse (USD 16.90 or SGD 20.70) with a 36 mths contract. The first 6 mths is FREE.

In Singapore, the cheapest deal comes from operator M1 Ltd. It has a Fibre Broadband plan at 50Mbps and comes with Digital Home Fixed line thrown in at SGD 29 (USD 23.75 USD, HKD 184.80).

It is really shocking that customers in Singapore are paying so much more, for a 50Mbps (HKD 184.80) vs a 500Mbps (HKD 132).


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  1. It’s OK, I pay 23 USD (182 HKD) for 1.5 Mbps here(Internet ONLY).. consider yourself lucky : )

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