If you are thinking of upgrading your Windows 7 to Windows 10, you would probably encounter some strange issues. As the HP Envy 14 notebook uses a Intel core notebooks with ATI mobility 5650 (when connected with external power and Intel graphics when powered by battery) series, it seems that after the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, the two drivers are competing for the resource. Both graphics drivers from Intel and ATi will conflict with each other and you end up with a non stop flashing blue screen.

After flashing for a while, a pop up message “Instruction at 0x000 referenced memory at 0x000. The memory could not be read.” is displayed.

To resolve this, boot thru USB and do a restore. Once that is done, you go back to the WIndows 10 installation stage. Once all the drivers are done, do not reboot (because if you reboot, it will again end up with a non stop flashing blue screen). Instead choose the option in Windows 10 to reverse to previous OS.

This option is available for users who upgrade from Win 7/8.1 and have one month to switch back to its former OS. I am officially back to Windows 7.

Some users are reporting the same issue on Microsoft Forum

restore win 7

By Harry