Now it seems we may also be seeing Microsoft giving an extra push for the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform and Mary Jo Foley over on ZDNet tells us there could be a major update for Windows Phone 7 in the fall of 2011, rather than the minor update reported to be due in January or February. The fall update has the codename ‘Mango’ and could be known as Windows Phone 7.5 and then it seems as though Windows Phone 8 dubbed ‘Apollo’ may follow late in 2012.

Tipsters are reporting the ‘Mango’ update will add HTML5 support to Windows Phone 7 and also Silverlight run-time, along with other features. Microsoft has not yet confirmed any of this information as you might expect, nor has it answered questions about speculated CDMA Windows Phone 7 devices on Verizon and Sprint, rumored to be being launched at CES.

Going back to the rumors earlier today about the Windows 8 OS being shown at CES, Emil Protalinski over on TechSpot is one of those who seriously doubts this will happen even though many have reported it and cautions, “don’t hold your breath if you want to see Windows 8 next month.” What would you like to see Microsoft revealing at CES 2011 and what updates to Windows Phone 7 would you like to see? Why not send us your comments and let us know.