I just received a notification on my HTC Trophy 7 that there is an update available. After connecting it to the PC with Zune launched, the update went ahead. Here is one of the screen shots captured. The roll out is on mobile operator M1.

Mango first hand


4 thoughts on “Mango update now available on HTC trophy 7 on M1 Singapore network”
    1. What you can do is to try this.
      Connect your phone to PC and run ZUNE.
      Go to settings and choose Update. It will scan for an update.
      At around 2 seconds, unplug your internet cable. This will trick the update program and supply an update. If you see the message asking you to proceed with an update, plug your cable back so that your internet connection is restored for online updaet.

  1. Hey why didn’t i receive the updare notification?
    I am also on a htc trophy 7 with m1.
    Totally the same as you.

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