Reports of a Windows Phone 7 OS update trickling out to developer phones first surfaced over the weekend. As part of that update, it looks like a very highly anticipated feature has finally made its way to Windows Phones — copy/paste. Microsoft admitted months before Windows Phone 7 launched that it would have to omit copy/paste functionality from the release version of its new mobile OS, but it also said an early update would add the feature. Thankfully, it looks like Microsoft will be true to its word and its first OS update with copy/paste in tow appears to be imminent. Unfortunately, however, it also looks like rumors from last month suggesting Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update would be “massive” are false, as this first update is reportedly rather minor aside from the addition of copy/paste. Hit the break to see a video of copy/paste in action on a Windows Phone 7-powered developer phone.

Source BGR


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