Apple will host Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) that is scheduled to begin at 10:00 AM PST. Steve Jobs is confirmed to speak in front of five thousand observers and media moguls to present latest Apple innovations.

AT&T Logo with iPhone 4G
It is widely believed that the Cupertino based Company will remove the veils and launch the iPhone 4G and iPhone OS 4. After having previous important successes with earlier versions of its smartphones, Apple is expected to release thin iPhone 4G that will use faster microprocessor possibly A4 ( model used in Apple iPad). We expect larger memory, a display of superior quality, two integrated cameras back and front. The new iPhone may bring much talked multitasking capability that has been lacking in current versions of iPhones.

Meanwhile, new photos of white iPhone 4G parts were leaked today. Pictures were published by Korean website. According to CNET, one Korean claimed that he obtained the full-parts of iPhone 4G (white) from its production line.

So what are your predictions of what the iPhone 4G / HD ? Will it be able to compete head to head with the new Android 2.2 phones in terms of specs?



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