Photos and Video shots compared with Oppo Reno8 Pro


Select the tone of the photos with two different Leica photographic style – Authentic and Vibrant looks.

“Leica Authentic Look ” and “Leica Vibrant Look” closely adhere to the Leica signature look with its classic colors and unique tone.

Other than the wide angle f/1.9, 1″ SONY IMX 989 50.3 MP OIS, there is also another ultra wide angle, telephoto and a front 32 MB camera.

  • Ultrawide f/2.2
    1/2″ sensor using SONY IMX586 48 MP
  • Telephone f/4.1
    1/2″ SONY IMX586 48 MP OIS
  • Front 32 MP RGBW image sensor

In this video, we took sample shots of in Leica Vibrant vs Authentic mode. It depends on your preference as Vibrant mode makes the picture more saturated. Authentic is generally tends to have a warmer tone. We also tested the Leica Black and white filter. The black and white look cool.

Photos are taken indoors i a food court where the lights are dim. Photos taken in wide angle, and zoom photos turns out great. Perhaps it is becuase of the 1 inch sensor, normal mode photo seems to be a bit too bright. Most of the photos turns out equally good on the Oppo Reno8 Pro.

As for HDR was compared to the Oppo Reno8 Pro. the Xiaomi 12s Ultra did a better job in contrasting the shades of the cloud.

Lastly, we took video shot side by side and compare video stabilisation and details on both handphones. Oppo Reno8 Pro was shot in 4K/60 but the Xiaomi 12s Ultra just greyed it out, allowing me to shoot in 4K/30 fps only.

The Xiaomi 12s Ultra has better stability and the lights do not flicker that much. The video is also dimmer as compared to the Oppo Reno8 Pro. As for super dark scenes which we took seperately (not inside this video), it turns out that the Xiaomi 12s Ultra that relies on the 1 inch sensor is not as capable to capture video details in the night, most parts appear dark. As for the Oppo Reno8 Pro, it is brighter and detals can be seen but the video is noisy and a bit shaky. Perhaps Xiaomi should do some ocmputiational processing needs to be worked on the videos.

By Harry