Today Lei Jun announced on weibo the launch of Xiaomi OS Xiaomi HyperOS.

The official announcement is in – Xiaomi 14 is set to introduce Xiaomi’s HyperOS, in lieu of MIUI. However, there remains some uncertainty surrounding the availability of this new operating system. It’s unclear whether HyperOS will cater exclusively to the Chinese market or be accessible to users both in China and internationally.

This move marks a significant shift in Xiaomi’s software strategy, as HyperOS is anticipated to eventually replace MIUI, the longstanding user interface that has been synonymous with Xiaomi’s smartphones for years. With this development, Xiaomi appears to be taking a bold step towards innovation and a more personalized user experience for its global and Chinese user base.

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今天,对小米来说,是一个历史性时刻。小米全新的操作系统,小米澎湃OS(Xiaomi HyperOS),正式版已完成封包。
小米14系列,第一款搭载新系统的手机,已交付工厂,正式开始生产。从这一刻起,#小米澎湃OS# 将逐步接替 MIUI。

By Harry