MIUI, Xiaomi’s proprietary Android UI, has enjoyed tremendous popularity over the years, earning the distinction of being the longest-running custom Android UI in the smartphone market, with over 13 years of continuous development. However, recent reports suggest that MIUI 14 may mark the end of this era.

Xiaomi is reportedly preparing to replace MIUI with a new operating system called Mi OS, which, like MIUI, is being developed in-house by Xiaomi. The Mi OS project was first observed in testing earlier this year and is expected to debut with the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Series devices.

Digital Chat Station, a reputable tipster, has indicated that MIUI 14 could be the final official version of Xiaomi’s custom Android UI. While the company plans to continue supporting older MIUI versions with updates, there won’t be a MIUI 15.

Speculation is rife that Xiaomi’s Mi OS will serve as the successor to MIUI. This new operating system will be a Xiaomi creation from the ground up, possibly eschewing the use of AOSP (Android Open Source Project) as the source code, as is currently the case with MIUI.

It’s important to note that Xiaomi has not officially confirmed these developments, nor has it commented on the rumored development of Mi OS. Reports surfaced in March 2023, indicating that Mi OS was undergoing alpha testing.

According to available information, Xiaomi is planning to introduce Mi OS alongside its upcoming Xiaomi 14 Series next year. This move seems reminiscent of Huawei’s approach with Harmony OS, which has gained substantial traction in China.

Even if Xiaomi transitions to a new operating system, it will still be required to offer devices with official Android for the global market. Therefore, this transition should not impact Xiaomi’s global user base.

Creating its own operating system will enable Xiaomi to build its ecosystem, allowing the company to develop specific features that facilitate seamless connectivity between various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Source Digital Chat Station

By Harry