Starting with a price of $22.90/mth you will get the 60u 5G plan with 60 GB of data , 500 mins and 500 SMS.

Another plan is 90u 5G at S$29.90/mth with 90 GB of data, 800 mins and 800 SMS.

The introductory price for 60GB is $22.90 and 90GB is $29.90 per month for 12 months if you sign up within the next 3 months (from now to December), after which the original pricing will be $24.90 and $31.90 respectively. 

If you use their promo code in the app, you can get the 60u plan at $15.90/mth or 90u plan at $22.90/mth (they might have made a mistake as new screens show the regular $22.90 and $29.90 for the two plans resprectively).

Existing customers can upgrade to the new plan. No change of SIM card is required.

“You can experience Zero1 5G without the need to change your SIM card or your mobile number. The upgrading experience from 4G to 5G is painless & seamless. That will allow you to instantly enjoy the 5G experience, on any 5G device.”

As there is no need to change the existing SIM, it is reckoned that it should be operating on the 5G NSA network similar to GOMO.

It is not known what speed it will throttle to once the data is used up. Perhaps the standard 1 Mbps applies for the unlimited data.

Compatible smartphones that will work should be the same as those that work on Singtel 5G NSA and GOMO network. You can check this List for a list of smartphones.


1) For this 5G plans, promo code is not applicable

2) We only have two 5G plans, 60U 5G @ $22.90/month and 90U 5G @ $29.90.

3) You need not change your SIM card if you subscribe to 5G plan.

4) We do not support VoLTE or VoWiFi at the moment. We are working towards facilitating this request in the near future.

More updates soon.

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By Harry