1O1O Launches Hong Kong’s First 4G LTE Mobile Device

      1O1O Customers to be the First to Experience Mobile Broadband Innovation

Hong   Kong,   16   May   2011 –  Following the launch of the world’s first 4G  LTE/DC-HSPA+
network  in   November   2010,  1O1O   customers   can   now   be   the   first   to   experience   Hong
Kong’s unprecedented mobile broadband service with the  pioneering 4G LTE  modem, the
first   4G   device   in   Hong   Kong.   With   data   speeds  up   to   eight   times faster   than   any   other
network and with higher bandwidth capacity, 1O1O is making it possible for customers to live
the truly mobile life.

“Giving priority to our customers by inviting them to be the first to upgrade to 4G LTE, 1O1O
is redefining the mobile broadband experience through one of the world’s leading networks.
Our strategic investment in radio spectrum and network infrastructure allows us to continue
leading   mobile   innovation and  unleash the  full   potential   of  human   networks,”  said  Joseph 
O’Konek, Chief Executive Officer, CSL Limited.

4G    LTE  will   enable   1O1O  consumers          to experience     a   new   era   of mobile   broadband
entertainment and communications with unprecedented speeds.  For example, the network
will   allow   3D   HD   video  to   be   played   in   real-time   in   a   mobile   environment,  which   was
previously impossible.

LTE     (Long   Term    Evolution)    is  the  next   generation    of  mobile    broadband      network    and
dramatically   increases   capacity   and   speed,   providing   peak   downlink   speeds   of   100   Mbps
with   low   latency.  1O1O’s     combined  4G       LTE   network     delivers   ultra-fast data    with high
accessibility and full coverage across Hong Kong.

This unparalleled speed and smooth functionality will help Hong Kong’s early adopters of 4G
LTE get   the   best from their   mobile   devices   and   the   maximum   enjoyment   and   productivity
from their mobile lives.

Exclusive to 1O1O customers
From now on, 1O1O customers can sign up or upgrade their current mobile broadband plan
to 42 Mbps for just $339 and to 100 Mbps for just $399. For more information, please visit
any 1O1O Centre for details.