While everyone is trying to get their hands on the Intel Core i7-3770K, Xeon based on ivy bridge are available for sale in Japan. According to Akiba, there are 11 versions of Xeon processors. It ranges from the cheapest E3-1220 V2 to E3-1290 V2 (3.7GHZ) . The price ranges from 18580 to 79800 Yen.

A number of Xeon processors will also have Intel HD 4000 graphics core built in. e.g. those ending with 5 in the model name e.g. E3-1245 V2. These E3-1200 V2 processors do not support VT-D but supports ECC memory.

The TDP of these processors ranges from 45W-87W with the exception of low power E3-1220LV2 with a TDP of only 17W