recently launched the AMD E-450 and E-300 APUs, running at 1.65 GHz and 1.3 GHz, respectively. Systems based on the E-450 and E-300 deliver exceptional performance and value.  Like systems based on the E-350, they also feature excellent video playback, DirectX 11-capable graphics and extremely power efficient x86 performance.

The AMD APU is revolutionary in many ways but it is important to highlight the significant contribution of power efficiency and battery life for mobile lifestyles.  Before the AMD APU, many entry level notebooks did not have great battery life.  The AMD E-450 and E-300 enable fantastic mobility and a great computing experience.

What you are seeing in the video are systems powered by the AMD E-450 and E-300, demonstrating that these systems:

  • Offer better battery life than competing systems based on our competitor’s products
  • When looking at scripting software to simulate real world workloads in productivity and gaming, these systems deliver the same or better performance in a more power efficient manner
  • Offer better power efficiency and better platform thermals, which can result in cooler user experience