Windows 8 Developer Preview
Bluetooth 14 Sept 2011

This morning, Microsoft just released the Developer preview of Windows 8 (x86/x64). We have heard a lot about this upcoming OS. Being a tablet oriented OS, it has similarities with the Windows Phone 7 interface.

We took a while to download the 32 bits version of the developer preview from MSDN site. The file is an ISO file which you would need to burn it into a DVD ROM. It took us a while to get it installed into a Dual Core Atom Net Top.

As we did not boot up from DVD ROM but installed it as an upgrade from Windows 7, the screens were not the usual screen shots we see when installing Windows 7. In a seperate install on another EeePC 900, the procedure and screen shots looks identical to a Windows 7 installation.


The system detected that the nettop has a WiFi built in and asked user to setup which AP to connect to.

In settings, we chose express settings to speed up installation. It will take the default settings in configuring the system.

For Logon, we have to supply a Windows Live email address.