With the new FM2 boards available, we took the chance to compare the A10-5800K (3.8GHz) and compare it to the Intel core i5-3570K processor in terms of it’s performance, overclockability etc.

Tbe Trinity FM2 A10-5800K has a built in graphics core of Radeon 6670D which runs at 800MHz which seems to outrun the Socket FM1 and Core i5 3570K in graphics component test.

The AMD A10-5800K is catching up with it’s Intel counterpart especially in the data crunching and data transcoding department but it will probably need to improve it’s design to match the speed. It has improved from it’s FM1 design but still require more time to evolve.

Generally the AMD A10-5800K is a good alternative if you have little budget for a PC with on board graphics.

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