The world goes round and when the younger brother is threatening the bigger. It is time to bring it home and teach him the right way.

Well, that is what has been circulating on the net a few days back. ASUS is buying ASRock. If the acquisition goes through, it will definitely have an adverse effect on ASUS, ASRock and all the other companies that have deals with them.

It will be back to square one, perhaps ASRock will be back to be responsible for mid range board while ASUS makes the high end boards. In fact, it was supposed to be this arrangment back in the days when it first started up. It was a seperate division set up to attack ECS which takes up most of the low end board market.

In the past, ASUS has somewhat ‘merged’ with Gigabyte back in 2006 in a joint venture “Gigabyte United“. So, will this be another so called consolidation exercise.

Whether you like it or not, motherboard industry has shined for the past decade. It is a sunset industry for DIY market but it may shine in the OEM space. With so many seperate entities now merged into a chip, those who relied on third party add on features like USB 3, audio codec will soon intense competition from either INTEL or AMD since they can package in all the functionalities into a chip making all board works the same way except with some different colours or heatsink designs.

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